We are delighted to inform you that the Abstract Submission for the GURS Academic Congress 2019 in Athens, Greece will open on May 25th

Accepted papers will be presented in three formats as Podium, Oral, and Poster presentations.  There will also be a Video session.

Authors should indicate which format they would prefer for their abstract submission, as well as if their abstract is a video presentation. The final decision on the presentation format will be determined by the Scientific Committee.

Abstracts may be selected for presentation in one of the following formats:

  • Podium presentation: 8 minute presentation / 7 minute discussion with an assigned reviewer.  A manuscript must be ready for review by September 20th, 2019.  Four abstracts will be accepted for podium presentations.  Discussion and responses will be published along with the manuscript. Failure to produce a manuscript by the deadline will result in disqualification from podium presentations for 2 years from that institution.
  • Oral presentation: 5 minute presentation / 2,5 minute discussion
  • Poster presentation: 3 minute presentation / 2 minute discussion
  • Video presentation: 7 minute presentation / 3 minute discussion

Abstracts will be peer-reviewed and scored on scientific merit and originality by a minimum of three members of the Scientific Committee.

Important Dates:

    • 25 May 2019: Opening of the Submission
    • 20 July 2019 5 August 2019: Deadline for Abstract Submission
    • 20 August 2019: Announcement of Acceptance
    • 20 September 2019: Deadline for Podium Manuscript Submission

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